wide range of services.

A rapid development of ever new technologies is a strong motivator for constant transformations across all vertical markets. Our expert team is always at least one step ahead, ready to propose future technology solutions to resolve pain points and to foster existing systems to perform better.

TERI project managers, consultants, system and field engineers, and account managers had acquired over 20 years of know-how required to plan, design, deploy and put into operation large-scale projects based on the state-of-the-art technology.

Project Design & Management

Our PM’s are active locally, regionally and worldwide as project engineers and projects managers always focused at the customer requirements and project milestones, leading the projects to the successful acceptance scoring both performance and savings KPI’s.

With equal patience and motivation we tackle the roaming service deployment project in Rogers, Canada and deployment of backhauling network nodes at T-Mobile Montenegro.


Implementing the new system often involves not only performing the actual installation but also overseeing all commissioning, installation and integration work performed at this stage.  With TERI you can be sure we will deliver what we say we will and when we say we will.

We carry out projects according to best-practice methodologies, refined with our successful deployment of ten’s of systems across all continents for nearly 20 years. We know how to ensure that the work is rapidly prioritized and crucial resources such as time and money budgets are closely controlled.

Operation & Maintenance

Equally driven by the SLA and the KPIs, highly skilled and motivated our field engineers had shown great success in taking over the full responsibility of operation and maintenance tasks directly on the production sites of ouir customers. Acting as embedded engineers our experts had babysitted through the initial stages of systems life-cycle, a wide range of mission critical systems, such as: real-time prepaid billing systems, convergent billing systems, large-scale VAS systems, complete OTN/DWDM transport system and similar.


Technical Support

Together with our partners, TERI offers a technical assistance organization, designed to keep customer systems up and running at optimal performance at all times. All our customers are provided a single dedicated point of contact, available 24/7 to answer any questions or handle issues ad hoc. Whenever on-site or off-site assistance is required, TERI's well-trained field support engineers are never far away. It takes one call to repair equipment or a single component on site. TERI engineers are trained and skilled and are also successful at supporting customers on the phone by talking them through complex technical issues till resolution.


Be it short, on-site, ready for service, operators’ training or multi-level, theoretical and hands-on training course for engineering staff, we don’t do it if we cannot do it right: alwayas ready with the proper material and excellent selection of practical examples. Our demo and lab equipment is constantly refreshed and in kept in order to meet the demanding requirements of ever new customer requirements.


We never let our dear partners down - even in the most demanding projects they may have, we gladly offer a helpful hand of our mature experts. Over the span of more than 20 years of such experience our people had taken many important roles in our partner’s organizations. Team leading, project management, system design, field implementation, customization and remote and on-site support and maintenance are among the jobs we had performed and are performing successfully in the name of our partners and to the great benefit of clients.


We use extraordinary patience and skills to integrate standard components into state of the art, 24x7, mission critical systems, reaching the impossible objective to implement all of the customer requirements and meet both commercial and technical targets.

Certified by our partners and some of our customers, like Michelin Serbia, and eagerly invited by all others,  our technicians and field engineers earned the high reputation by always repeating the same thing: doing the perfect job , right on time.