Quality Policy

Teri Engineering d.o.o.is an enterprise that provides the deliver of the contemporary products, technical and system solutions, chose from World renown producers in the field of telecommunication, information technology, automation, engineering and consulting services.

Management of the company is determined to deploy its services according to the following guideline:

  • The primary task of the management and all employees is the dedication to fulfil the needs and expectations of a client
  • Apart from the highest quality of delivered product, technical and system solutions, the focus is on strict professional relationship towards a client through: good communication, qualified assistance in defining client’s demand, qualified implementation of equipment, adherence to deadlines, and most importantly efficient and effective support.
  • Basic indicator of client’s satisfaction, or the level of confidence is embedded in: continuous reduction in number of reclamations, client’s loyalty and  growth of business and market presence
  • Special attention is dedicated towards innovation, together with improvement of employees’ knowledge and skills, increasing the level of motivation, securing of necessary infrastructure, adherence to laws and regulations, environmental conservation, and all in service of completing the task according to the wishes of the clients and in satisfaction of all parties
  • the company emphasises on the implementation of quality management system, and is dedicated  to continuously improve its efficiency

The management will make sure that the quality policy will be stated and clarified to all employees and parties.

Chief Executive Officer is directly responsible for execution of quality policy

Certificate ISO 9001:2008.pdf